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Price: 4.99 + FREE Worldwide Delivery

Don't forget to keep your glasses sparkling clean
The glasses cloth that leaves lenses and frames with a sparkling and perfectly clear finish.

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THE Screen Cleaner Cloth - Better Than Screen Wipes

Price: 4.99 + FREE Worldwide Delivery

Our ultra soft, reusable dry screen cleaner cloth, cleans all modern screens, glass surfaces and lenses. It is suitable for all your technology devices and doesn't just remove dirt but Protects against scratches too.


Touch screen Smart phones
Mp3 players
DVD Players
Game Consoles
Photographic equipment

The Only Screen Cloth With All Of The Following Features:

Does Not Scratch Your Screen

Removes fingerprints, dust and grease

Doesn't leave lint on your screen

No need for chemicals or cleaning fluids

Reusable - machine wash up to 300 times

Hi-tech optical quality microfibre

Can be used dry or damp

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Welcome to Protechted, the Ultimate Screen Cloth. Protechted is a screen cleaner cloth wipe like no other and will ensure your technology devices remain scratch and smear free.

Most screen cleaners/screen wipes push grease and dirt particles across the screen itself causing scratches and swirl marks.

The Ultimate Screen Cloths specially designed `microcells` capture and retain contaminant particles away from the screen.Screen cleaning and monitor cleaning is now quick and easy with this amazing new screen wipe.

If you wanted to know how to clean your ipad or keep your iphone clean then this is the product for you.Each screen clean cloth is made from a technology advanced material that has unparalleled wiping abilities for screen cleaning and computer cleaning.

Our more frequently asked questions are how to clean LCD screen or LCD cleaning or how to clean a tv screen?

How to clean laptop screen or cleaning laptop screen with laptop cleaning products are easily answered with our ultimate screen clean cloth.This one product is a screen cleaning wipe and monitor cleaning cloth and cleaning screen lcd cleaning screen clean wipe.

Clean ipad and clean iphone screens and lenses without the need for chemicals or cleaning fluids.Super soft screen cleaning wipes designed to clean all modern products with screens.

Designed to clean all makes of touch screen smart phones, tablets ,hand held games, computers and laptops ,Plasma, LCD and TFT television screens, lenses and photographic equipment.